Executive Advisory Services

Has your business reached a plateau?

Does it seem like you’re getting very little in return for the time, effort and money that you’re investing into your business?

Are you spending too many hours at work and not enough time with family and friends?

Are you having trouble finding, training, motivating and keeping exceptional employees?

Let Growth Associates steer you back on a clear path to success in three simple steps:

Step-by-step business consulting that drives real results

STEP 1: Together we’ll explore your situation during a complimentary assessment session. There is no obligation to continue and if we don’t believe we can help, we’ll say so right away.

STEP 2: We’ll create an action plan with mutually agreed upon goals and measurements.

STEP 3: We’ll meet for intensive two-hour development sessions three times per month. These sessions will be tailored to address your specific needs. We’ll track your progress together and determine the specific actions you need to take to achieve your desired results.

Choose a coach who has actually played on the team

Operating at the executive level can be an alienating experience. Growth Associate’s personalized approach provides executives with qualified and experienced support from a trusted business advisor who has actually run successful businesses using the very same tools and techniques.

We strategically blend personal development principles with proven business tools to create a customized plan that is tailored to each client’s unique needs and regularly reinforced through one-on-one sessions.

Though the thoughtful conversations that take place may seem simple, when combined with Verne Milot’s direction, support and encouragement, they drive observable, measurable and impactful results in strategy, marketing, sales, finance, operations, customer service, staffing, systems and organizational leadership.

What our clients are saying

"If you’re looking for someone to analyze your business, deliver a report, and leave you to implement its findings, Growth Associates is not for you. Verne isn’t a consultant. More than anything, he’s a coach, who takes a very personal emotional stake in the long-term success of the organizations he accepts as clients.

If you’re considering working with him, it’s very important to understand that Verne will not have all the right answers. What he has is all the right questions. In our case, it often turned out that we had the answers ourselves, but we weren’t seeing the forest for the trees. That said, whenever we didn’t have an answer internally, Verne also had a wealth of contacts and savoir faire that he’s drawn on to help us navigate forward.

If, like us, you know that the right way to grow is to work ‘on’ the business instead of always ‘in’ the business, but don’t really know where to start, Verne can provide the structure (and enforcement via regular meetings) to really make it happen.

I couldn’t recommend him more highly. Verne’s insight will make sure that you’re running the right direction for 'you.'"


"...clear whatever you need to from your schedule to at least have an initial meeting with him … I believe once you have given him that time you will find he is the ‘business whisperer,’ as I have personally found him to be."