Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

The cost of a business advisor should be viewed as an investment rather than an expense. At Growth Associates our personal goal for every client we advise is to help generate a pre-tax return of three times the client’s initial investment after two years of working together. For clients that we assist with ownership transition we often see a return that is even greater.

Will I be financially committed to a long-term contract?

Although we agree in principle to work for a period of at least 12 months, our clients are free to stop at any time. If it becomes apparent that a satisfactory return on the investment in our services is not possible, your advisor will suggest that the process be discontinued.

How does the advising process start?

The first step is to contact Growth Associates. Use our contact form, or call 905.688.2226. We’ll then schedule a meeting to assess the state of your business, discuss your individual goals and establish whether or not Growth Associates can assist you in meeting them. All of this is carried out with no expectations or cost.

How will I know if Growth Associates is the right fit for my company?

Selecting an advisor is an important, very personal decision. Answer these three questions during your research to ensure the advisor you choose is well aligned with your unique needs:

  • Can my organization strategically grow in sufficient time to justify the investment?
  • Is my executive team open to personal development and change?
  • Is there a good fit between the CEO and the advisor that you’re considering?

How can Growth Associates prepare my business for an eventual transfer of ownership?

Many owners believe that their business does not operate effectively without their constant presence. If that is the case, one must question what the business is truly worth if the owner’s absence would create a “fire sale” valuation on assets alone. In order to gain the full benefit from a future stream of earnings selling price, it’s important for the business to demonstrate how effectively it will function for a new owner/manager. Growth Associates’ Executive Advising Service and Ownership Transition Workshops help businesses focus on this, as well as many other factors that impact your business attractiveness to third party investors.

There seems to be a lot of different coaching services for businesses out there, how do I know who is credible?

Coaching has become an overused term that can mean many things. There are life coaches, executive coaches, personal coaches, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, anyone can choose to take on the title of business coach with no real proven business education or applied management background. As you do your research, ensure your advisor can offer real-world experience. Before trusting someone with your business future, ask for credentials and speak with past clients to ensure they are properly equipped to take on the role.

Should I be concerned that Growth Associates doesn’t have direct experience in my specific industry?

The foundations of successful businesses are astoundingly alike and Verne Milot has worked with a range of businesses from large, multi-national corporations to small businesses and start-ups. In addition, Verne draws from a wide range of resources to ensure industry-specific ratios and performance metrics are used.